what is letter of rec?

letter of rec is a newsletter recommending quality long-form multimedia content, mostly on race, culture, media, and all things making sense of the world we’re living in. ✨

the internet is filled with way too much information, and it’s become increasingly hard to filter out the good, high-quality stuff. enter letter of rec: personally curated recommendations of the best things i’ve consumed lately. you’ll find:

  • 🎞 what i’m watching: films, tv shows, shorts, youtube videos

  • 📚reading: long-form articles, books, instagram graphics (lol jk)

  • 🎙 listening to: long-form podcasts and audio storytelling

it’s a digital goodie bag, part record of this period of time, part food for lots of thought!

👋🏼i am michelle. i’m just a normal gal who grew up in san francisco and also on the internet. this project utilizes some skills i have: being addicted to the internet, and having a longer-than-normal attention span (that is, more than 5 minutes). i love all things culture, media, and race. i learn through storytelling, so naturally, i am constantly consuming my way out of and into personal crises, trying to make sense of the world.

i started this newsletter in the summer of 2017 (find the first 14 issues on mailchimp or @ tinyurl.com/things-archive 😉), immediately after graduating college and coming to the nerdy realization that i’ll never be forced to learn in a classroom again. i missed “the discourse” and stumbling into deep holes of fascinating knowledge and analysis.

curating this newsletter became a way to help me process and make sense of the world, learning on my own terms. i love deep dives, but it was getting lonely! sharing these newsletters helped nurture my curiosity, open up conversations with others, and continues to hep me practice more intentional consumption.

in my ongoing quest to keep learning, unlearning, and connecting with others, i love replies, feedback, and recommendations of yours. my twitter DM (@michelle_ebooks) is always open if you feel moved to chat!

subscribe so you won’t have to worry about missing anything. every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox (and if it feels like an issue is missing, it’s most probably me procrastinating finishing another issue 😂) (in that case, if you do happen to MISS me, sending me a little nice nudge and encourage/affirmation will help 💜)

if you think someone you know would really enjoy this newsletter, feel free to send it along to them:

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to anyone reading and supporting letter of rec, thank you! these take a bit of time to curate, so i am grateful for your attention, and to know i am not just writing into the void~